Dorine van Norren

Dorine is an associate researcher at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society as well as Associate Researcher University of Pretoria. She worked as a diplomat in Sri Lanka (Colombo, 1998-2001) and Turkey (Ankara, 2001-2005) and held several positions at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Southern Africa, ’96-’98, North America, 2005-2009, European Integration, 2013-2014, desks). She worked as the Advisory Council of International Affairs (AIV, 2009-2013), as an executive secretary for the Commission on Development and as Coordinator for UNESCO, human rights and SDGs at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (2016-2020). Currently she is Strategic Advisor for the Western Hemisphere.

Dorine lectures on rights of nature and indigenous cosmology. Her specialization is Ecuador, the only country in the world that has enshrined rights of nature in its constitution, placed in the larger context of nature rights worldwide.

Wim Eikelboom

As a river journalist, Wim follows current developments surrounding rivers and publish about them in newspapers, trade magazines and podcasts. He loves to muse about rivers, because they are a mirror of Dutch identity and show how we relate to our landscape.

Last year he published a book about the river that is closest to his heart, the IJssel from Westervoort to Kampen. The title is No Day Without the IJssel.

He is at at the IJssel almost every day and has built up a friendship with this river. This river flows through his blood. The stories about the IJssel are collected in his podcast ‘IJssel Stories’. See his blog.

He is involved in various initiatives to make rivers healthier: Clean IJssel, Drinkable IJssel and Stem van de IJssel. Almost every week he gives lectures and presentations about the IJssel. Some call him an IJssel ambassador; others river whisperer. See his website.

Chihiro Geuzebroek

Chihiro is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, organizer, trainer in decolonial climate justice perspectives and practices. She is Bolivian-Dutch; a Quechua grandchild born and raised in Amsterdam. She is the Director Producer of feature doc Radical Friends & Co-founder of Aralez Foundation. She has been an sunday-activist since 2003, an filmmaker-activist since 2009 and organizer since 2013 and kept on developing as a trainer. She combines activism with writing and performing protest songs, spokenword poetry and art.

She has trained people through Code Rood and Climate Liberation Bloc and Aralez Foundation and as freelancer. She trained groups in Greenpeace (diverse offices), Milieudefensie, Het Groene Brein, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion and many more groups in cultural, educational, NGO and political spaces. She has given talks in 10+ countries and is best known for bringing analysis and practical engagement around the climate crisis being a colonial crisis and the homework of dismantling climate racism.

Laura Burgers

Laura works as assistant professor at the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative private law (ACT) of the University of Amsterdam’s private law department. Her research interests include climate change litigation, democratic theory, rights of future generations and rights of nature. She is one of the experts in the UN program Harmony with Nature on the rights of nature.

Koos Wabeke

Koos is a Dutch rower who is the caretaker of the only Māori waka, or traditional canoe, in the Netherlands. Fifteen years he ago became deeply involved with Māori culture as a kaihautu, or leader within Māori culture, with the task of spreading it throughout Europe. He is delighted to organize an event with you so you can learn about Māori values and how to integrate them in your own relation to the world around you.

Thijs Middeldorp

Inspired by his visit to the Whanganui River, Thijs, together with others, founded the Embassy of the North Sea in 2018 on the premise that the sea and life in the sea belongs to itself. The Embassy’s mission is that by 2030, residents around the North Sea will be able to see the sea – politically, emotionally, culturally, legally – as a political player in its own right. Thijs can speak about the multidisciplinary research and campaigns the collective is conducting to achieve their goal

Christiane Bosman

Christiane studied art history, museum studies and communications management. As impact producer for I Am The River. The River is Me, she organizes activation programmes in the context of film screenings such as workshops, lectures, field trips or rituals. Christiane believes that imagination and storytelling are essential for shaping a new biocentric and future-proof narrative. As director of communications and public program at the Embassy of the North Sea, she prioritizes a better representation of the North Sea in the cultural, legal and political public domain. As trail blazer at the Ministry of the Future, she puts bottom up intergenerational thinking (cathedral thinking) on the agenda. She is happy to give a presentation on both topics.

Carolijn Terwindt

Carolijn is a lawyer, cultural anthropologist, author, and artist who joined the Embassy of the North Sea in 2021 to explore the possibility of creating a European network to strengthen the cultural transformation towards a real participation of nonhumans in politics.

Previously, together with workers, farmers and their unions, she filed lawsuits against companies in the textile and agro-industry.

Vera Hoveling

Vera is a computer scientist and artist. Trained at the Rietveld Academy and Delft University, she now works as a campaign coordinator at Feedback Europe on abuses in the food chain, including from the perspective of climate justice

Together with Carolijn Terwindt, she runs a monthly climate cafe, where we talk about what the changing climate means for us and explore what feelings we have. It is a debate-free space where it is not about being right or the details of the latest IPCC report. It is about our own experiences and what often remains unsaid in the public debate and personal conversations about the climate. In our society we have little experience or rituals for collective mourning. Emotions are often avoided. Yet here lies a key to releasing the energy needed for a real transition. They are happy to organize a special climate cafe for you together with the film.

Lydia Baan Hofman

Lydia is a feminist climate philosopher. Her research centers on the question of how we can be at home in a world doubly threatened by ecological crises. The habitat in which we call home is in danger of becoming physicall uninhabitable, but our sense of being at home in the world is also under pressure. Our familiar way of making sense of the world, in which levees keep us safe and the future will be better, is no longer self-evident. Lydia will explores with you how this dual threat is perceived and addressed in film.

Petr Lom

Petr is a Czech-Canadian filmmaker whose award-winning work has premiered at the Berlinale, Sundance, Venice and IDFA screened at over 450 festivals around the world and broadcast in more than 30 countries. He was the editor of Myanmar Diaries which won the 2022 Berlinale Award. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. He is the director of I AM THE RIVER, THE RIVER IS ME. He is happiest when he is on the water. He lives on a houseboat in Schoonschip Amsterdam, the most sustainable floating community in Europe. And he is an avid kitesurfer. He is delighted to offer you a masterclass on the making of I AM THE RIVER, THE RIVER IS ME, or a talk around the rights of nature and Māori values.

Corinne van Egeraat

Corinne is a Dutch documentary filmmaker and producer, specialising in creative documentary films for the cinema.Her company ZINDOC is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She works with her director partner Petr Lom, and their award-winning work has premiered at Venice, Berlin, Sundance and IDFA, screened at over 450 festivals around the world and broadcast in over thirty countries. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (AMPAS). She is the producer of I AM THE RIVER, THE RIVER IS ME. She is always on the water, as she lives on a houseboat in Schoonschip Amsterdam, the most sustainable floating community in Europe. She is delighted to give a talk about the making of I AM THE RIVER, THE RIVER IS ME,  or how learning about Māori values have influenced her.